Insightful Guide On How To Use Car Polishers


There are various types of car polishers in the market, from random orbit polisher to the rotary buffer. The dual action is much easier to operate and is best suited for first timers. The rotary buffer is deeper in its application. It levels out deep scratches as it swirls. It requires an expert to operate as any improper handling can damage your paint. When trying out auto dealing equipment, it’s important to have the full picture of what you are engaging in.

To get the best result, only use top quality polishing tools and applicator pads. When shopping inquiries from the experts for the best dual action car polisher that suits your needs. After the paint job is completed, you can wipe off the residue using microfiber towels.Briefly described are insightful tips on how best one can use car polishers.

The Guide

Clean the car before using the polisher


The first and most important step before you begin the process is to prepare the outer surface. Buffing on a dirty surface will produce terrible results. Any sand, grit, and dirt that remain on the surface can bring about paint scratches when they get to the applicator pads.

Regulate your speed settings at low to medium

There are various types of polishers out there that can deliver different speeds. To remain on the safe side, always start at a low speed. From here you can gradually increase it but do not make a rush for the high-speed settings. The highest speeds are specifically meant for deep scratches so be modest with how you use them.

Maintain control over the pressure

When using the polisher for corrective paint purposes, use the polisher lightly. The rotary buffer functions differently as it relies on speed to get the job done. If you would like to get rid of the deep scratches, applying the pressure firmly will produce the best results.

Subdivide your work into sections

This is a professional way of going about your paint job. Only proceed to the next section once you are satisfied with the results from the section you are working on.

The rotary buffer

dsfsfdsfsdffhThis tool remains the most powerful polisher in the market and is best for applying on deep paint scratches, oxidation areas, and swirls. During its use, a lot of heat is produced by its spinning pad. This you must move your buffer strategically as you work to prevent the heat emitted from burning the paint. It takes only a few second for a burn to occur, so only use this tool if you will give your full concentration to its application.

The dual-action polisher

This tool is more suited for first-timers. It’s recommended for light scratches on the cars clear coat. The heat emitted from the rotary buffer ensures that the instances of damage brought about by heat are reduced.