Advantages of motor trade insurance


A motor trade insurance is a policy insurance taken up by individual businesses dealing with autos such as motorbikes, vans and cars. The businesses may be involved in activities such as: selling and buying cars, valeting, servicing, repairing cars and also running a garage. The business may vary depending on size and other factors thus there are different types of motor trade insurance policies, for example, the Third party only and Third party fire and theft which help in securing an interested trade insurance policy. The advantages of trade insurance include:

No disruption of business activities


In the event that something unexpected happens in your business, with the help of the motor trade insurance policy, you will still have your business up and running.

Cost saving

Perhaps this is the most advantageous reason of having a motor trade insurance. In the long run having a motor trade insurance saves you money. For instance, the law requires that vehicles owned by businesses and driven on public roads should have a motor trade insurance failure to which there is a huge fine for the offenders. Also, in case of an unlikely situation such as fire razing down your business or theft, having a third party fire and theft motor trade insurance will ensure the loss incurred is covered. Cost should also be considered when taking an individual insurance policy against a combined motor trade insurance policy.


Having a motor vehicle business entails lots and lots of risks that need to be covered. To avoid time wastage in trying to find out an individual policy that may suit an individual business, it is important to pool a combined motor trade insurance policy that has everything taken care of. The extra time might be used to think about future business expansion means.


An insurer providing a specific policy will ensure in case of any claim or problem, your issue is handled. Getting a combined motor trade insurance is good as the individual insurance company will ascertain you get the best overall services from them as the company understands the all proper details of your cover.

Saves business costs


Getting a motor trade insurance company is normally a tedious process. Because of this, there exists presence of brokers who may help in easing the hard task.  So instead of spending a lot of time trying to get an appropriate motor vehicle company, you may use a broker to perform the task. With a broker looking for an insurance company, you will have less telephone costs and more time to concentrate on your business and customers thus lead to increased profits. Having a motor trade insurance is good for the safety of a business.…