How To Know Your Vehicle Has Engine Failure


In life, we do not know what we got till it is gone’. And just like human illness, one can detect symptoms of an engine failure that can lead replacement. Engine failure in vehicles happens because of various reasons. The common known reason as to why engines fail is because we do not take our automobiles for regular servicing. Many components wear out and require frequent replacement. For instance, your car fluid level should be checked on regular basis to ensure that your vehicle is working regularly. If you do not service your vehicle as required, it can lead to an engine failure. When you detect that your car engine is having problems at an early stage, you will be able to prevent further damage. Early detection of engine problems will help you avoid a costly engine replacement or repair. In this regard, you need to read the following guidelines on how to know your vehicle has engine failure.

Knocking sound


When a knocking sound is produced upon starting your vehicle, it is a clear indication that your car engine bearings have worn out and require immediate replacement. However, there might be problems that can be an indication of the knocking sound and can be solved quickly. The problem may not be solved easily if it involves the engine because there are chances that your camshaft is not working in line with the pistons. There little you can do regarding this problem other than starting to save some money for a brand new engine.

Excessive smoke

If your car exhaust is blowing a lot of smoke, it is a clear indication that your engine is about to stop working. This is caused by getting your car engine filled with a bad mix of air and petrol. If you see a lot of smog blowing out of the back of your car, then you should start thinking of a brand new engine for your vehicle. In fact, it is advisable to take precautions by filling the required petrol and servicing your vehicle on a regular basis.

Excessive noise

Excessive noise when your vehicle is running is an indication that something is wrong with the engine. A worn out engine usually causes banging. However, these noises can occur due to different reasons. Make sure that you investigate your car engine thoroughly to see whether these noises are understandable and fixable before going for a new engine replacement. Unusual sounds can always be fixed quickly, but if they persist, you will likely have to replace your car engine.

Oil patches

Another sign which will help you detect whether your car engine is failing is the presence of oil patches that your car leaves behind when moving. If you realize that your vehicle is depositing a lake of tar, then there is a big chance that your car engine has a severe oil leak.

Strange smell

gghgywe3eStandard vehicles smell a bit funky due to the vast amount of emissions they produce. Therefore, you must be able to differentiate between the natural smell and a smell that is produced due to a worn out engine. Strange smells that are produced due to engine failure can be known if you smell a burning rubber and exhaust smells near your car cabin. These strange scents happen because of a burning fuel hose, failure of the exhaust system and a damaged drive belt. They can cause a permanent engine meltdown.…